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Ring Sizes - Pigeons

Pigeons and doves constitute the bird family Columbidae, which includes about 310 species. Pigeons and doves are stout-bodied birds with short necks, and short slender bills. They primarily feed on seeds, fruits, and plants.

Species Latin Ring Size Click below to Buy
Western/Blue-crowned Pigeon Goura cristata 18mm
Luzon Bleeding Heart Pigeon Gallicolumba luzonica P & 6mm & FC1
Victoria Crowned Pigeon Goura victoria 18mm
Wonga Pigeon Leucogarcia melanoleuca 8mm NPA
Domestic Pigeon Columba livia domestica 9mm & FC4
Pigeon Altenburg Trumpeters 8mm & FC3
Pigeon American Domestic 8mm & FC3
Pigeon American Show Racer 10mm
Pigeon American Show Roller R & 7mm & FC3
Pigeon Antwerp Smerles T & 9mm
Pigeon Antwerps V & 11mm
Pigeon Arabian Laughers R & 7mm & FC3
Pigeon Archangels 7mm & FC3
Pigeon Argovian White Tail T & 9mm
Pigeon Ashy Wood R & 7mm & FC3
Pigeon Australian Crested R & 7mm & FC3
Pigeon Bagadais U & 9.5mm
Pigeon Band Tailed R & 7mm & FC3
Pigeon Band Tailed Tumblers R & 7mm & FC3
Pigeon Barb 9mm
Pigeon Bare-eyed R & 7mm & FC3
Pigeon Berlin Tumbler 8mm & FC4
Pigeon Bernburg W & 12.6mm
Pigeon Berne Swiss S & 8mm & FC4
Pigeon Birmingham Rollers R & 7mm
Pigeon Bleeding Heart P & 6mm
Pigeon Blue Crowned 18mm
Pigeon Bohemian Saddle Pouter T & 9mm
Pigeon Bohemian Swallows W & 12.6mm
Pigeon Bokhara (Russian) W & 12.6mm
Pigeon Brunner Pouter R & 7mm
Pigeon Budapest Tumblers R & 7mm
Pigeon Bull Head S & 7.6mm
Pigeon Carneaux 10mm
Pigeon Carrier 10mm
Pigeon Cauchois 9mm
Pigeon Chinese Owls 8mm
Pigeon Clean-legged Ice 8mm
Pigeon Clean-legged Monks S & 7.6mm
Pigeon Clean-legged Priests 8mm
Pigeon Clean-legged Shields T & 8.7mm
Pigeon Clean-legged Short-faced Tumbler R & 7mm
Pigeon Clean-legged Spots T & 8.7mm
Pigeon Clean-legged White Tail S & 7.6mm
Pigeon Clean-legged Blazeface S & 7.6mm
Pigeon Colour Tail Owls S & 7.6mm
Pigeon Cresents V & 11mm
Pigeon Crested P & 6mm
Pigeon Cumulets 7mm
Pigeon Damascenes T & 8.7mm
Pigeon Danish Goldfinch S & 8mm
Pigeon Danish Tumblers 8mm
Pigeon Danzig Highflyers R & 7mm
Pigeon Domestic Flight (Flying) 8mm
Pigeon Dragoons 10mm
Pigeon Dresden W & 12.6mm
Pigeon Dutch Beauty Homer T & 8.7mm
Pigeon Dutch Frills T & 8.7mm
Pigeon Dutch Turbits 9mm
Pigeon Egyptian Swift 8mm
Pigeon Eichbuhler T & 8.7mm
Pigeon Elster 8mm
Pigeon English R & 7mm
Pigeon English Owls U & 9.5mm
Pigeon English Pouters V & 11mm
Pigeon English Trumpeters W & 12.6mm
Pigeon Exhibition V & 11mm
Pigeon Exhibition Flying Tipplers S & 7.6mm
Pigeon Fairy W & 12.62mm
Pigeon Fantail 8mm
Pigeon Feral (British Bird) Columba livia T & 8.7mm
Pigeon Flying Tipplers R & 7mm
Pigeon Franconian Trumpeters S & 7.6mm
Pigeon Frillbacks 10mm
Pigeon Garden Fantail T & 8mm NPA
Pigeon Genuine Homers 9mm
Pigeon German Beauty Homers 10mm
Pigeon German Croppers V & 11mm
Pigeon German Shield Owls 8mm
Pigeon German Trumpeters W & 12.6mm
Pigeon Gimpels S & 7.6mm
Pigeon Grouse-legged German Tumblers T & 8.7mm
Pigeon Grouse-legged Short-faced Tumbler S & 7.6mm
Pigeon Guillemot T & 8.7mm
Pigeon Half Beak T & 8.7mm
Pigeon Hamburg Schimmel T & 8.7mm
Pigeon Hellstorks R & 7mm
Pigeon Helmet R & 7mm
Pigeon Holle Croppers 8mm
Pigeon Homing S & 7.6mm
Pigeon Horseman 9mm NPA
Pigeon Hungarian Tape Runts V & 11mm
Pigeon Hyacinths S & 7.6mm
Pigeon Ice W & 12.6mm
Pigeon Indian Fantails V & 11mm
Pigeon Jacobins 8mm
Pigeon Keckskemeter Tumblers R & 7mm
Pigeon Kin V & 11mm
Pigeon Konigsburg Colour heads U & 9.5mm
Pigeon Kormorner Tumblers R & 7mm
Pigeon Lahores V & 11mm
Pigeon Laurel R & 7mm
Pigeon Lucerne Swiss (All varieties) 9mm
Pigeon Magpies 9mm
Pigeon Maltese V & 11mm
Pigeon Marchenero Cropper S & 7.6mm
Pigeon Maroon-breasted Ground 18mm NPA
Pigeon Martham T & 8.7mm
Pigeon Mausers R & 7mm
Pigeon Modena 9mm
Pigeon Mondains V & 11mm
Pigeon Mookees 8mm
Pigeon Moorhead C.L. S & 7.6mm
Pigeon Muffed English long-faced Tumbler 10mm
Pigeon Muffed Ice V & 11mm
Pigeon Muffed Rollers V & 11mm
Pigeon Muffed Helmets V & 11mm
Pigeon Naked Necks S & 7.6mm
Pigeon Nicobar 10mm NPA
Pigeon Norwegian Tumbler Kings V & 11mm
Pigeon Norwich T & 8.7mm
Pigeon Nuns 8mm
Pigeon Nuremburg Larks 7mm
Pigeon Nuremburg Swallows U & 9.5mm
Pigeon Old Dutch Capuchines 8mm
Pigeon Old Dutch Croppers 13mm
Pigeon Old Dutch Tumblers V & 11mm
Pigeon Old German Moorhead V & 11mm
Pigeon Olive 8mm NPA
Pigeon Oriental Frills 10mm
Pigeon Oriental Rollers 8mm
Pigeon Oriental Turbits T & 8.7mm
Pigeon orliks (Large) T & 8.7mm
Pigeon Parlour Tumblers/Rollers R & 7mm
Pigeon Picazuro 8mm NPA
Pigeon Pigmy Pouters 8mm
Pigeon Plumbeous 7mm NPA
Pigeon Polish Krymka U & 9.5mm
Pigeon Polish Krymski T & 8.7mm
Pigeon Polish Lynx 9mm
Pigeon Polish Orliks R & 7mm
Pigeon Polish Srebrniak R & 7mm
Pigeon Polish Staropole T & 8.7mm
Pigeon Pomeranian W & 12.6mm
Pigeon Priests V & 11mm
Pigeon Ptarmigan Coburg Larks 10mm
Pigeon Racing 9mm
Pigeon Red-billed R & 7mm
Pigeon Red-necked 8mm
Pigeon Reinwardt's long-tailed 9mm
Pigeon Reversewing Croppers W & 12.6mm
Pigeon Rock R & 7mm
Pigeon Roller R & 7mm
Pigeon Rufous R & 7mm
Pigeon Runts V & 11mm
Pigeon Rzhev R & 7mm
Pigeon Saxon Monks V & 11mm
Pigeon Saxon Moon V & 11mm
Pigeon Saxon Pouters W & 12.6mm
Pigeon Saxon Spots W & 12.6mm
Pigeon Scaled R & 7mm
Pigeon Scandaroons 10mm
Pigeon Schalkaldener Moorhead V & 11mm
Pigeon Shields V & 11mm
Pigeon Short-faced Tumbler R & 7mm
Pigeon Show Homers 10mm
Pigeon Silesian W & 12.6mm
Pigeon Slenk S & 7.6mm
Pigeon Spaniards U & 9.5mm
Pigeon Speckled R & 7mm
Pigeon Srebrniak 8mm
Pigeon Stargard Shakers S & 7.6mm
Pigeon Starling S & 7.6mm
Pigeon Steiger T & 8.7mm
Pigeon Storks W & 12.6mm
Pigeon Stralsund Highflyers R & 7mm
Pigeon Strassers 10mm
Pigeon Suabian 8mm
Pigeon Swifts U & 9.5mm
Pigeon Swiss Poster Berne/Halbschnabler T & 8.7mm
Pigeon Swiss Variety U & 9.5mm
Pigeon Syrian Dewlaps 9mm
Pigeon Syrian Swifts 8mm
Pigeon Thurgau T or 8.7mm
Pigeon Thuringian Croppers T or 8.7mm
Pigeon Thuringian Swallows T or 8.7mm
Pigeon Thuringian Whitebibs U or 9.5mm
Pigeon Thuringian Whiteheads U or 9.5mm
Pigeon Timor Black R or 7mm
Pigeon Tippler R or 7mm
Pigeon Tumbler R or 7mm
Pigeon Turbits 8mm
Pigeon Valencia Cropper S or 7.6mm
Pigeon Victoria Crowned Goura victoria 18mm
Pigeon Viennese Gansel R or 7mm
Pigeon Viennese Short-faced Tumblers R or 7mm
Pigeon Viennese Tumblers R or 7mm
Pigeon Voorburg Shield Croppers 8mm
Pigeon West of England Tumblers V
Pigeon White-crowned R or 7mm
Pigeon Whitetails V or 11mm
Pigeon Wolverhampton Tumblers R or 7mm
Pigeon Wonga 8mm NPA
Pigeon Wood Columba palumbus S or 7.6mm
Pigeon Zamoyskis S or 7.6mm
Pigeon Zurich Whitetail U or 9.5mm
Pigeon Golden Heart 6mm NPA & P
Fancy Pigeon 8mm NPA
Pigeon German Schimmel 9mm
Australian Pigeon 7mm NPA
Bruces's Fruit Pigeon Fit Rings 10 days after leaving nest S & 8mm
Crested Pigeon P
Beautiful Fruit Pigeon Fit Rings 10 days after leaving nest 5.5mm
Coronet Fruit Pigeon Fit Rings 10 days after leaving nest 5.5mm
Pink-crowned Fruit Pigeon Fit Rings 10 days after leaving nest 5.5mm
Superb Fruit Pigeon Fit Rings 10 days after leaving nest 6.5mm
Black-naped Fruit Pigeon Fit Rings 10 days after leaving nest 6.5mm
Wompoo Fruit Pigeon Fit Rings 10 days after leaving nest 8.00mm
Pink-headed Fruit Pigeon Fit Rings 10 days after leaving nest 7.00mm
African Wood Pigeon Columba unicincta 8mm
Reinwardt's Long-tailed Pigeon Reinwardtoena reinwardts 9mm
Timor Black Pigeon Turacoena modesta R
Common Bronzewing Pigeon Phaps chalooptera 7mm
Brush Bronzewing Pigeon Phaps elegans 7mm
Australian Crested Pigeon Ocyphaps lophotes 7mm
White-bellied Plumed Pigeon Petrophassa plumifera 7mm
Pheasant Pigeon Otidiphaps nobilis 10mm
Blue Crowned Pigeon Goura cristata 18mm
Maroon-breasted Ground Pigeon Goura scheepmakerl 18mm
American Flying Tumbler Pigeon 7mm
Arabian Trumpeter Pigeon 7mm
Flying Baldhead Pigeon 7mm
Breslauer Pigeon 7mm
Brunner Pouter Pigeon 7mm
Catalonian Tumbler Pigeon 7mm
Figurita Pigeon 7mm
German Nun Pigeon 7mm
Gumbinner Pigeon 7mm
Hamburg Sticken Pigeon 7mm
Helmet Pigeon 7mm
Italian Owl Pigeon 7mm
Starling Pigeon 7mm
Hyacinth Pigeon 7mm
Laugher Pigeon 7mm
Nuremberg Lark Pigeon 7mm
Polish Owl Pigeon 7mm
Portugese Tumbler Pigeon 7mm
Performing Roller Pigeon 7mm
Polish Murzyn Pigeon 7mm
Sroka Pigeon 7mm
Rzhev Pigeon 7mm
Startail Pigeon 7mm
Syrian Turbiteen Pigeon 7mm
Taganroger Pigeon 7mm
Vienna Medium-faced Pigeon 7mm
Zitterhall Pigeon 7mm
African Owl Pigeon 8mm
Miniature American Crest Pigeon 8mm
Ancient Pigeon 8mm
Aachen Laquer Shield Owl Pigeon 8mm
Baku Tumbler Pigeon 8mm
Berlin Longface Tumbler Pigeon 8mm
Bernhardiner Pigeon 8mm
Old Dutch Pigeon 8mm
Chinese Nasal Tuft Pigeon 8mm
Shield Cropper Pigeon 8mm
Norwich Cropper Pigeon 8mm
Domestic Show Flight Pigeon 8mm
Donek Pigeon 8mm
Dutch Highflyer Pigeon 8mm
Purzler Pigeon 8mm
English Nun Pigeon 8mm
LFCL Tumbler Pigeon 8mm
Komorner Tumbler Pigeon 8mm
Koros Tumbler Pigeon 8mm
Macedonian Turbit Pigeon 8mm
Old German Owl Pigeon 8mm
Show Roller Pigeon 8mm
Bohemiam Pouter Pigeon 8mm
Hessian Pouter Pigeon 8mm
Swing Pouter Pigeon 8mm
Spanish Pouter Pigeon 8mm
Silesian Pouter Pigeon 8mm
Thuringer Pouter Pigeon 8mm
Czech Ice Pouter 8mm
Show Type Racing Pigeon 8mm
Racing Homer Pigeon 8mm
Ringbeater Pigeon 8mm
Schecken Pigeon 8mm
Show Tippler Pigeon 8mm
Spanish Barb Pigeon 8mm
Syrian Fantail Pigeon 8mm
South German Priest Pigeon 8mm
Temeschberg Pigeon 8mm
Franconian Velvet Shield Pigeon 8mm
Thuringer Colour Pigeon 8mm
Ukranian Skycutter Pigeon 8mm
Voorburg Cropper Pigeon 8mm
Berlin Shortface Tumbler Pigeon 9mm
Shaksharli Pigeon 9mm
Coburg Lark Pigeon 9mm
English Owl Pigeon 9mm
Czech Bagdad Pigeon 9mm
Dewlap Pigeon 9mm
Exhibition Homer Pigeon 9mm
Lebanon Pigeon 9mm
Maltese Pigeon 9mm
Antwerp Show Pigeon 9mm
Old German Cropper Pigeon 9mm
Uzbek Pigeon 9mm
Goldkragen Pigeon 9mm
Seraphim Pigeon 9mm
Classic Old Frill Pigeon 9mm
American Show King Pigeon 10mm
Utility King Pigeon 10mm
Florentine Pigeon 10mm
Hungarian Pouter Pigeon 10mm
Moorhead Tumbler Pigeon 10mm
Texan Pioneer Pigeon 10mm
Royal Snow Tumbler Pigeon 10mm
Kazaner Tumbler Pigeon 10mm
Volga Tumbler Pigeon 10mm
North Caucasion Tumbler Pigeon 10mm
Persion Roller Pigeon 10mm
French Bagdad Pigeon 10mm
Syrian Coop Tumbler Pigeon 10mm
Royal Seljuk Pigeon 10mm
Rostower Pigeon 10mm
Eurasian Jay Garrulus glandarius P
Felegyhazer Tumbler Pigeon 7.05mm
Iranian High Flyer 8mm
Species Latin Ring Size Click below to Buy
Madagascar Turtle Dove Columba picourata P & 6mm
Barbary Dove Streptopelia risoria P & 6mm NPA
Diamond Dove Geopelia humeralis L & SP4
Dove Senegal N & SP5
Turtle Dove P & 6mm
Australian Dove 7mm NPA
Ruddy Quail-Dove Geotrygon montana N
Collared Dove P
Emerald Dove Ma
Laughing Dove Streptopelia senegalensis N
Speckled Dove Columba guinea R or 7mm
Stock Dove Columba oenas R or 7mm
Pink-bellied Turtle Dove Streptopelia hypopyrrha 6 mm
Eastern Turtle Dove Streptopelia orientalis 6mm
Javanese Collard Dove Streptopelia bitorquata 6mm
Collard Dove Streptopelia decaocto 6mm
African Collard Dove Streptopelia roseogrisea 6mm
Mourning Collard Dove Streptopelia decipiens 6mm
Red-eyed Dove Streptopelia semitorquata 6mm
Ring-necked Dove Streptopelia capicola 6mm
Vinaceous Dove Streptopelia vinacea 5.5mm
Red-collard Dove 5.5mm
Spotted Dove Streptopelia chinensis 6mm
Lemon Dove Aplopella lavarta P
Bar-tailed Cuckoo Dove Macropygia unchall R
Pink-breasted Cuckoo Dove Macropygia amboinensis P
Large Brown Cuckoo Dove Macropygia phasienella 9mm
Lesser Bar-tailed Cuckoo Dove Macropygia nigrirostris P
Little Coockoo Dove Macropygia ruficeps P
Lesser Bar-tailed Coockoo Dove Macropygia nigrirostris P
Pink Breasted Coockoo Dove Macropygia amboinensis P
Lemon Dove Aplopella larvata P
Little Coockoo Dove Macopygia ruficeps P
Green-spotted Wood Dove Turtur chalcospllos 4.5mm
Black-billed Wood Dove Turtur abyssinicus 4.5mm
Blue Spotted Wood Dove Turtur afer 4.5mm
Tambourine Dove Turtur tympanistria N
Blue-headed Wood Dove Turtur brehmeri 5.5mm
Masked Dove(Namaqua Dove) Oena capensis 3.5mm
Green-winged Dove Chaicophaps indica 5.5mm
Stephani's Green-wing(Brown-backed)Emera Chalcophaps stephani 5.5mm
Zebra Dove Geopelia striata 4mm
Peaceful Dove 4mm
Bar- Shouldered Dove Geopelia humeralis 6mm
Mourning Dove Zenaida macroura 5.5mm
Grayson's Dove 6mm
Eared Dove Zenaida aurlculata 5.5mm
Martinique Dove 6mm
Galapagos Dove Zenaida galapagoensis 5.5mm
White-winged Dove Zenaida asiatica 6mm
Scaley-brested Ground Dove Columbina passerina 4mm
Pygmy Ground Dove 4mm
Buckley's Ground Dove Columbina buckleyl 4mm
Ruddy Ground Dove Columbina talpacotl 4mm
Picui Dove Columbina picul 4mm
Gold-billed Ground Dove Columbina cruziana 4mm
Blue Ground Dove Claravis pretlosa 5.5mm
Bare-faced Ground Dove Metreopelia ceciliae 4mm
Inca Dove Scardafella inca 4mm
Scaly Dove Scardafella squammata 4mm
White-fronted Dove Leptotila verreauxi 6mm
Grey-headed Dove Leptotila plumbeiceps 6mm
White-bellied Dove Leptotila jamalcensis 6mm
Grey-faced Quail Dove Geotryron caniceps 7mm
Mountain Witch Dove Geotryron versicolor 7mm
Key West Quail Dove Geotrygon chrysla 6mm
Bridled Quail Dove Geotrygon mystacea 7mm
Ruddy Quail Dove Geotrygon montana 6mm
Nicobar Pigeon Caloenas nicobarica 10mm
Bartlett's Bleeding- Heart Gallicolumba criniger 7mm
Golden Heart Gallicolumba rufigula 6mm
Celebes Quail Dove Gallicolumba tristigmata 7mm
White-breasted Ground Dove 6mm
Red Turtle Dove L & 4mm
Rock Dove R
Common White Dove 7mm