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Fitting a Closed Ring

Closed rings are fitted to chicks in the nest or brooder at an age where the growing toes are flexible enough to fit such a ring. Closed rings cannot be fitted to chicks who’s feet have developed to the point where serious damage can occur if closed rings are tried to be forced fit.

Holding chick gently in palm of hand, bring leg backwards (do not twist) holding the three largest toes forward and slip ring over the toes pushing the ring over the smallest toe….
…….up to the knee, this toe can be hooked out with a cocktail stick or sharpened matchstick if required.
The fitted ring should sit between the foot and the knee, learn to ring sooner than later, if a ring falls off it can always be replaced.

A VERY important note is to check the ring daily to ensure it has not ridden up over the knee, this can cause great damage to the bird if this is allowed to happen.

Pictures kindly supplied by Colin O’Hara.