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ID Ring Sizes

Avian ID’s Online ring-size code finder.

The system we are currently compiling will allow users to enter their bird species into the website, and for the system to then recommend the correct ring size for that bird.

If your are looking for rings for Macaws or Parrots with strong beaks, then you will need strong Stainless Steel rings, if you are unsure please get in touch with us!

Avian ID will not be held responsible for any damage resulting from any rings supplied that are fitted to any bird.

    You can order right now by clicking on SHOP on the Homepage

   In the mean time we ask that you refer to the below link for quick sizing reference codes:

   Below is just a small sample of the different bird species.
   Please use the Bird Species Ring Size Search on the Homepage to find what you are looking for...

  Aluminium Size Code Stainless Steel Size Code Plastic Size Code Metal I/D Plastic I/D SPECIES
A - SP1 2.16 2.3mm Double bared (Bicheno), Orange cheeked, Gold breasted and Red eared waxbills
B - SP1 2.34 2.3mm Cordon Bleu, Fire, Lavender Finches
C - SP1 2.49 2.3mm Cherry,Cut-throat,Hecks,Grass,Gouldian, Green Singing, Manikin, Tiger and other similar small foreign finches
D - SP1 2.67 2.3mm Chestnut Breasted, Pictorella & Yellow Rumped finch
E - SP2 2.84 2.8mm Fife, Gloster, Minature and Irish fancy canaries, Bengalase, Diamond sparrow finches, Zebra Finches
G - SP3 3.05 3.1mm Roller, Red Factor, New coloured and Lizard canaries
J - SP3 3.30 3.1mm Crested, Norwich, Parisien, Frill, Yorkshire canaries, Border
K - SP4 3.48 4.0mm Java Sparrow, Bulbul
L - SP4 4.08 4.0mm Bourkes, Elegants,Splendids Turquoisines, Parakeets, Diamond and Chinese Turtle Doves
          Chinese Painted, Harlequin Quails, Red Crest Cardinals
M M SP5 4.34 4.5mm Redrump, Kakarilki, Linoleated Parakeets, Love Birds, Stanley Rosella,Green Cardinal, Buderigar
N N FC1 5.33 5.5 Cockatiel(normal grey), Mealies, Pileated,Maroon-bellied conure, European Quail
P P FC1 6.00 5.5 Cockatiel(Colour Mutation)Gold Mantled Rosellas, Pennants, Prince of wales,Ringneck
R R FC2 7.05 6.4 Crimson Wings, Quaill(japanese),Barbary,Java Doves,Chattering Lory,Senegal Parrots
S S FC2 7.6 6.4 Indian Ringnecks,Homing Pigeons,Fantail Doves,Dusky,Green Naped Lorikeets,Hahns Macaw
T T FC3 8.7 8 Lack Lory,Roseate Cockatoo,Blue Naped Parrot, alexandrine,Modena Pigeon, Large Fancy pigeon
U U FC4 9.5 9.5 Citron Crested Cockatoo, African Barn Owl, Marsh Harrier, Yellow Collared Macaw
V V FC5 11 11 Blue&Yellow Naped Amazon,Chestnut Fronted Macaw, African Grey Parrot, Honey Buzzard,Blue cheeked Amazon
W W FC6 12.6 12.7 Greater Sulphur, Umbrella Cockatoos, Blue & Gold Macaw
X X FC7 15 14 Grey Winged Macaw, Ferruginous Hawk
Y Y FC8 15.7 16 Aharoni Owl, Osprey
Z Z FC9 20.1 18 Golden Eagle American
Za Za ZA 25.6   Golden Eagle European